The Twilight Lounge Episode 57 - House Grooves Sesh
Just over 90 minutes of all the latest house music in this episode. Starting hard and gritty with some Garage Bass House winding through sick Tech House Anthems and finally cleaning up the dance floor with Latin inspired rhythmic house.
House Music LIVES at The Twilight Lounge mixed A-Live by Yours Truly, DJ Ash

Check Out the set list below:
1. It Gets Better
2. Sweet Like Hell
3. Drop
4. Your Body
5. Dancing 
6. We call It House
7. Juggling
8. When Summer Dies
9. Good Good
10. Free
11. Move Your Body
12. Damager
13. Work That
14. Dance to the Rhythm 
15. Feel My Heart
16. Love Track
17. Day n Night
18. Love Me Better
19. Talamanca 
20. By Your Side
21. Taste of Your Love
22. Change
23. Heartbreak Anthem
24. Diva
25. Tribalism
26. El Tumbao
27. La Llama

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