The Twilight Lounge Episode 45 ~ The Quarantine House Party Continues!!!  This time, it’s a throwback to 80’s Hip Hop and Booty Music! 

Get ready to dance your ass off with over 90 minutes of some bass thumping, Booty Shaking Jams!

80’s Music LIVES at The Twilight Lounge mixed A-Live by Yours Truly, DJ Ash. 

Check Out the set list below:

1. Paul Revere

2. Run’s House

3. Rock The Bells

4. Hip Hop Hooray

5. OPP

6. Peter Piper

7. It Takes Two

8. Bass Rock Express

9. Jam ON It

10. Hip Hop Bee Bop

11. Looking For The Perfect Beat

12. Brass Monkey

13. Shake This Joint

14. Throw That D

15. Feel The Bass

16. C’Mon Babe

17. Dance All Night

18. Planet Rock

19. Sally (That Girl)

20. It’s Like That

21. Give it All You Got

22. Party Time

23. Boom I Got Your Girlfriend

24. Get Retarded

25. Get it Girl

26. We Can Get Together

27. Booty Shake

28. Shake It! 

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