Episode 41

The Twilight Lounge Episode 41 ~ Today I got a special treat for all you Classic Dance and Disco junkies. Over 90 minutes of the classics that helped shape what the club and music scene is today.

Get ready to hear artists Like: Rockers Revenge, Tavares, DTrain, Bobby O and so many more………….Enjoy!

Classic Dance and Disco Music LIVES at The Twilight Lounge mixed A-Live by Yours Truly, DJ Ash.

Check Out the set list below:

1. The Harder They Come

2. Walking on Sunshine

3. Shame

4. People From Ibiza

5. Shake Your Body Down

6. To Be Real

7. Heaven Must be Missing an Angel

8. You’re The One for Me

9. Knock Me Out

10. I want You

11. I’m so Hot for you

12. She Has a way

13. Body Music

14. Holly Dolly

15. The Roof

16. Macho Motzart

17. Security

18. Alnafish

19. It’s Automatic

20. Clear

21. Body Mechanic

22. Egyptian Lover

23. Doo Doo Brown

24. Planet Rock

25. Numbers


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