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The Twilight Lounge Episode 3

January 5th, 2011

Happy New Year!

This episode of The Twilight Lounge will go back to the mid 80's with classic dance and freestyle.  So kick back and enjoy the next 60 minutes of non stop mixes. Check Out the Track list below mixed A-Live by yours truly.......DJ Ash

1. My Heart Gets All The Breaks - Monet 2. The Mexican - Jellybean Benitez 3. Como Tu Te Llamas - Sly Fox 4. Let The Music Play - Shannon 5. I wonder If I Take You Home - Lisa, Lisa 6. Got To Be Next To You - Cynthia Roundtree 7. Honey To A Bee - Tina B 8. I Remember What You Like - Jenny Burton 9. One More Shot - C-Bank 10. I.O.U - Freeze 11. Don't Break My Heart - SaFire 12. I won't Stop Loving You - C-Bank 13. Can You Feel The Beat - Lisa, Lisa ...Got any requests or feedback? Drop me a line -